Mainstream Dating- Major Tips

Posted By on Apr 11, 2018 |

Below are very basic 5 tips to find the best online dating sites for you.

  1. Number Of Active Members As A Whole And Local Members Living In Your Area

This is obvious, but generally speaking, the more members there are, the better chances you have to meet your special person, unless your specific requirements are extremely narrow like based on religions or races. If you’re looking for a devoted Christian partner, you choose a genuine Christian dating site with smaller membership than mainstream dating sites.

Also, make sure there are plenty of members living in your local area. Especially if you reside rural area, this is vital.

      2.Safety and Privacy.

The website should provide you with an email address specifically for dating purposes, and should never disclose your personal information to anyone. You alone should decide if, when, and who gets your personal information. I normally do not provide my real name or residential address to start when I do not feel 100% confident of the sites whatever the natures /business of the sites are, not limited to dating or the sites which have so many features. Most of the cases you can change your names or addresses after joining.

I have this experience. It’s not a dating site but I joined a site and my real name was published as part of my domain name of a blog which is one of the features of the site. I did not know that each member was assigned a personal blog with a domain name of member’s choice and default was a real name. These days there are so many features attached to a site so your personal information might be in public unknown to you until you find out and disable the feature.

  1. Free Dating Tips/Guides/Advice

Don’t underestimate those from agencies as they have huge feed backs/statics from members and they are really valuable to you. Especially if you are not used to online dating, you have to learn how to set up your profiles and user-friendly how to instructions are vital.

  1. Membership Fees.

Unless fees are very high, features should take priority. Tips or advice provided by agencies are really valuable especially online etiquette might confuse people.

I used to join 3 off line dating agencies with fees High, middle and low. If you can afford financially I suggest you do the same maybe 2 (high and Low) instead of 3. I find members of the most expensive ones are different from those in the other end of agencies IN GENERAL. If you are very intelligent, but looking for bubbly characters (I am not saying intelligent people are boring), it might be difficult o find those in expensive sites. In other words your character/personality does not fit stereotyped group of people. (I am not saying you are Jekyll and Hyde). This is my case so joining 3 agents were very beneficial.

  1. Free Trial Period

Ideally a feature of free trial will be very beneficial as you can test run the system and get a feel of members in general. If there is free trial, make most of them extensively.